Adventures in Tandem Nursing Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Beyond

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Invaluable resource, personal stories, helpful information and support. Lots of answers to many of the questions mothers can have when they find they are pregnant and are breastfeeding an older baby.

  • Author: Hilary Flower
  • Year: 2003
  • Pages: 330 
  • ISBN-10: 0912500972
  • ISBN-13: 978-0912500973
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    I read this book when thinking about trying for a second baby, and I read it throughout that pregnancy and my third. It's great to read a book which talks about the negatives as well as the positives. I felt quite prepared for breastfeeding during pregnancy thanks to the factual information, but also to some degree, prepared emotionally as a result of the mothers stories which are the last part of the book. It is still hard to fully understand or predict how a pregnancy will affect your own milk and you own breastfeeding relationship as we are all unique, but to read this book goes a long way to help.

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    This is an excellent book for mother who are either thinking about getting pregnant whilst breastfeeding or are pregnant and breastfeeding - or those who have recently given birth to another child. It has lots of case studies and presents the information in a non-judgemental way. An excellent read.

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    a lovely book to read from so many different mothers perspectives, not just one 'expert'. It covers all the ranges of emotions that a breastfeeding and pregnant mum could expect to feel, or does feel. Doesn't shy away from the negative feels that can come with tandem nursing or nursing through pregnancy and definitely very inclusive in that it doesn't make you feel that you 'have' to tandem nurse. Great to read if you are a b/f mum and considering the next pregnancy or are already there! I would also recommend reading 'How Weaning Happens' at the same time as although my daughter hung on in there during the pregnancy (and for a long time after!) there were times when I couldn't b/f again, or for as long as I wanted and having weaning tips to hand (such as not losing mum and the milk, staying calm and distraction and substitution) were useful for many tricky times. Have to say that tandem nursing, especially in the early days was a lifesaver, but it wasn't all plain sailing!

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    I bought this when I was expecting my second daughter as I was breastfeeding my first daughter and had plenty of questions! This book answered them all and gave me lots of practical tips and information. It also deals quite sensitively with issues like weaning, low milk supply and nursing aversion (amongst others). Now as a happy tandem feeding mother I am always recommending this book to friends.

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