Why Love Matters

Why Love Matters - how affection shapes a baby's brain explains why love is essential to brain development in the early years of life, and how early interactions between babies and their parents have lasting and serious consequences.

Sue Gerhardt explains how the earliest relationship shapes the baby's nervous system. She shows how the development of the brain determines future emotional well being, and goes on to look at specific early 'pathways' that can affect the way we respond to stress and can contribute to conditions such as anorexia, addiction, and anti-social behaviour.

RRP £12.99
Author Sue Gerhardt
Published June 2004
ISBN-10: 1583918175
ISBN-13: 978-1583918173

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Very good book-drawing from a wide range of resources, it brings together a number of arguments as to why 'love' and how it is expressed and demonstrated impacts child development. Don't be put off by the title: this is not your average parenting book.

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