Helping your Baby To Sleep: Why Gentle Techniques Work Best 2nd Edition

In this updated edition of their acclaimed "Helping Your Baby to Sleep", child development specialists (and mothers) Anni Gethin and Beth Macgregor have created the most sought-after resource for new parents: a guide to understanding what babies need from their parents in order to help them to sleep.

They discuss what is normal and what is not, enabling parents to feel more confident about the decisions they make for their baby. The authors also present important new research into babies’ emotional and brain development, and describe techniques that take into account a baby’s individual sleep habits. Additionally they discuss numerous ‘sleep problems’ incorporating tried-and-tested advice from parents, as well as health professionals.

The authors oppose sleep-training techniques, stating that the ‘controlled crying’ approach creates stress for the baby with which they are ill-prepared to cope, and can also interrupt the bonding that occurs between parent and child. Examining the latest scientific research, they demonstrate how sleep training is detrimental for babies and can have serious long-term effects on a child’s neurological and emotional development.

In this valuable guide, readers will:

Learn why babies wake at night and need help to settle

Understand how early parenting choices affect a baby’s growing brain

Examine why ‘sleep training’ is risky

Discover babies individual sleep needs

Explore solutions to common baby sleep problems and

Find out how tired parents can create an essential support system!


  • RRP £22
  • Anni Gethin and Beth Macgregor
  • 2nd Edition, 2011
  • Paperback, 224 pages
  • ISBN 10: 1921462256
  • ISBN 13: 9781921462252
  • 340g
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    The authors use research and science for the basis of this book which I feel gives it really good grounding. The authors write in a way that is sensitive to the needs and biological expectations of babies without being heavy handed. Parents who may have used sleep techniques in the past, or are currently looking for other ways can expect to be educated in a thoughtful and factual way. There is no telling you what to do, just how it is. For parents who are struggling with 'sleep problems' there are various suggestions that are grouped into appropriate age groups so that a young baby won't be expected to achieve more than his brain is capable of. There is a chapter devoted for parents at the end (which I think is a thoughtful/appropriate place for it to be) to help them through a possible difficult time in their parenting journey. Some sleep problems aren't problems at all – just that expectations are wrong. But as we know, some babies 'need more' and the authors acknowledge this. It is a very easy to read book, packed full of information. A perfect antidote to the sleep training books.

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